MHCC Psychological Injury Management Guide (PIMG)

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2.1: An Organisational Approach to Psychological Injury

2.1.1: Positive Leadership and Culture - Overview

  • an overview of the relationship between organisational climate, leadership and:
    • employee wellbeing,
    • workers compensation premiums
  • supportive leadership and high risk leadership styles

2.1.2: Preventing Psychological Injury - Overview

  • psychological injury, its mediators and key drivers (including morale)
  • how we may:
    • prevent psychological injury, including responding to early warning signs
    • support the treatment of psychological injury
  • a risk management approach to workplace stressors

Since there is an established association between climate, leadership and psychological injury, they are considered together in the MHCC injury Management Guide.

2.1.3: Developing and Managing Systems - Overview

This resource focuses primarily on the prevention and management of psychological injury in the workplace, though the processes outlined are also relevant to, and may refer to, physical injury.

This section includes information and resources in the following categories:

  • Safety Culture: evolution of safety culture, developing a culture, leadership commitment
  • Developing Safety and injury management systems: sample policy, guidelines, templates
  • Organising People: competence, communication, consultation, accountability
  • Risk Management: information, links and samples on risk management
  • Measuring Performance: setting and keeping track of targets
  • Audit and review: independent audit, analysis of information to inform system improvements
  • Client-Related WHS: client assessments, emergency incidents, working in isolation, home assessments, home visits and musculoskeletal injuries
  • Getting help: where