MHCC Psychological Injury Management Guide (PIMG)

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1.1: Introduction and Purpose

With soaring workers' compensation premiums, little time to devote to matters outside core business, and a rapidly changing injury management environment, organisations across the mental health and community sectors require accessible resources for injury management.

As such, our Psychological Injury Management Guide (PIM) Guide has been developed to assist organisations to more easily access information about a contemporary approach to the management of workplace injuries.

This resource focuses primarily on the prevention and management of psychological injury in the workplace, though the processes outlined are also relevant to, and may refer to, physical injury.

Each section is not meant to be read sequentially or in its entirety. Rather, the aim is for you to seek, explore and find what you need.

Underpinning Principles

MHCC's approach to injury management is underpinned by the following principles:

  • A biopsychosocial approach improves outcomes for injured workers
  • In most cases, injured workers recover more quickly and effectively in the
    workplace than they would at home or in a medical facility
  • Organisational climate and leadership impact on workers compensation premiums


Our PIM Guide contains information and resources for members to consider and adapt as they develop and review their own injury management systems.

Material in the PIM Guide includes:

  • MHCC Injury Management Framework
  • Leadership, Wellbeing and Psychological Injury
  • Safety and Injury Management Systems
  • Workers Compensation Insurance and Insurers
  • Immediate response to incidents and injuries
  • Return to work

It is envisaged that members who use the PIM Guide will develop a proactive, integrated approach to injury management, provide clear pathways for employee return-to-work, improve climate, leadership and employee wellbeing, and - over time - reduce their workers compensation premiums.

The PIM Guide has been designed for you to easily find useful, current information which may be relevant to your organisation.


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